"Can I take the course without having to read Japanese?"

The focus of our Japanese Mastery Method course is on becoming a conversational speaker of Japanese, so everything is spelled out using the English alphabet (romaji). You therefore do not need to read Japanese to take the course. We do teach some kanji characters in our "Survival Kanji" bonus course, but this is optional.

"What topics do you cover in the course?"

The vocabulary was chosen based on the principle of Core Vocabulary....the things people most commonly talk about with each other. It's what we call "you-centric" vocabulary, and is constructed to let you tell Your Story: Who you are, where you're from, where you work or where you're going to school, who your friends and family are, and so on. The list is long, but the topics are biographical in nature. Japanese Mastery Method also teaches the most practical phrases needed for those traveling to Japan: Things like: Asking directions, ordering food, coping with local transportation, and so on.

"Do you teach Japanese grammar?"

Absolutely! But the way we teach grammar is unique. With us, you’ll learn grammar through a process known as Pattern Recognition. Instead of listing all the complicated rules associated with Japanese particles, adjective inflection and verb conjugations, our course shows you the patterns of how Japanese words change and are used. It’s a natural and effortless way of learning, since it mimics the way you absorbed grammar as a child when learning your first language.

"Does the course teach kanji?"

There will be an optional kanji course aside from the Survival Kanji series at some point in the future. The study of kanji is a fairly large undertaking (think years of study), and if you want to speak Japanese sooner rather than later, mixing the study of kanji with learning how to speak, would slow things down significantly. If your goal is to quickly learn to speak and understand spoken Japanese, you need to focus on speaking and listening, not writing. Kanji can wait until you have the speaking basics down.

"I've always had trouble with particles in Japanese. Do you explain them?"

Yes, we cover the major particles and how they function in great detail. But again, you'll learn them naturally, and will be able to use them without having to think about the rules behind them which is of course a key to fluent speaking.

"Is there a set schedule I need to follow?"

No. In Japanese Mastery Method, students log in to the course on their own schedule and go at their own pace. We recommend you only move on to the next lesson after you've gotten most (or all) of the questions right from the lesson you're currently on. But again, there is no time-line and no deadline. You can repeat a lesson as often as you'd like before moving on.

"How often will I need to study?"

We recommend that you study for about 30 minutes per session, 4 or 5 days per week. But as a member of Japanese Mastery Method you will have lifetime access to all the material, so feel free to go at your own pace.

"How long is the Japanese Mastery Method course?"

There are 50 lessons in total, and each takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you follow our recommendations and study a new lesson every other day, then you should be able to complete the course in about three or four months. But everyone is different. Some of our members finish the course in a few months, while others have less time to devote to it, and proceed much slower.

"What kind of computer set up do I need to take the course?"

To take the Japanese Mastery Method course, the following conditions and devices are required, or recommended: (1) Internet Connection: For the best results, cable connection or ADSL are recommended. Dial-up connection will result in the slow loading of videos. (2) You will need a sound card and speakers, which most computers have built-in. (3) Any modern browser will work, for ex: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox3.0+, Opera9.0+, Google Chrome3.0, Safari2.0+, etc. For Mac users: Please use Safari 2.0+. For Windows users, Firefox4.0+, IE8+, Google Chrome3.0 are recommended.

"What if I have problems? Do you offer customer support?"

If you have any problems, please write us here: support@japanesemasterymethod.com We try our best to answer all questions in less than 24 hrs. You can also call us toll-free at 1-877-998-8722 (U.S. and Canada)

"Is this program appropriate for children?"

Yes. All the material is completely G-rated. The only caveat is that some of the references (and some of the humor) might be lost on children.

"Can I use this to learn Japanese on my iPad or other mobile device?"

Yes, Japanese Mastery Method can be used with your i-pad, and other tablets. Due to the extremely small screens, phones do not make ideal viewing devices.

"Is the course completely online, or will you be mailing me discs, too?"

Japanese Mastery Method is located entirely online, in a password protected members area. You will NOT receive any discs in the mail. After all, discs can be lost, scratched, stolen, etc. Since Japanese Mastery Method is located online, you will always have access. Also, we are always adding new content, new speakers, new on location videos and so on, to make an ever-growing learning environment.

"I prefer to study offline. Can I download the course?"

Only certain audio portions of the course, such as the Listening Practices, are available for download. The bulk of the course remains available only online. This is due partly to piracy fears, but also the fact that the members area allows us to precisely control the layout and organization of the course. But we do offer plenty to download. For example, our popular ON THE GO series, for your mp3 player, and the “Survival Kanji” videos, and other bonus material. But again, most of the material requires that you be online when studying.

"What are the payment options, guarantees, costs. etc?"

To see the cost, our guarantee, and the details of what you get with our current offer, please go here.