Can Learning to Speak Japanese Really Be That Easy? Yes! It absolutely can be.

It just comes down to the techniques you use.

If you are interested in learning to speak Japanese using the principles of Contextual Learning for words, Pattern Recognition for quickly mastering grammar, S.L.T. so you can think in Japanese, along with other powerful Efficient Learning techniques then click the link below to try Japanese Mastery Method.

Japanese Mastery Method is the only Learn Japanese program that uses these powerful techniques in combination to make learning Japanese stress free, fast, and yes... even fun.

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Modern Methods For Mastering Japanese

Japanese Mastery Method members talk about their impression of the course.

“Getting More Fluent In Speaking!”

Thank you so much for making this course, especially the methods of memorizing new words.

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Lars Smedsrud Norway

“I Would Most Definately Recommend!”

By far the easiest and most efficient when it comes to learning Japanese. I would most definately recommend this to anyone.

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Samantha Bell Midlothian, UK

“Such A Great Course!”

Such a great course! Contextual learning and patterns make learning so easy. Looking forward to my trip to Japan.

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Kevin Thomas

“It's All Explained So Easily!”

I think were the course really stands out is the explanation of Japanese grammar through patterns. It's all explained so easily!

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Ashley Cowan London, UK

“A real tour'd force!”

Your Japanese Mastery Method course is engaging, effective and efficient. A real tour'd force.

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Dr. Ray Sandborgh

“Amazing Results!”

Amazing Results! I love this course. Thank you so much.

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John M. Yokogawa, Japan

“Is The Best!”

I just wanted to mention that this course is the best! I wake up and just remember everything. It's great!

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Sandy R. Richmond, USA

“Such A Fantastic Method!”

I would like to congratulate the whole Japanese Mastery Method team for coming up with such a fantastic method!

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Jorge Rivera Birkshire, UK

“The Best And Most Valuable”

I’ve taken many Japanese courses and this one for sure was the best and most valuable.

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Brian H. Sheffield, UK

“Thanks for this wonderful experience!”

I’m so so pleased at what has been possible in such a short period of time.

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Ziad El-Hady UK

“I Would Recommend To Anyone”

Japanese Mastery Method has started to give me a basic grounding in just a few weeks.

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Mark Maurice-Smith Solihull, UK

“Very Effective!”

I just completed the lessons in the course. It was very effective, and I enjoyed it very much.

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McKenzie Burns USA

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