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Video: Controlled Immersion

Watch this month’s video below:

Efficient Learning Technique #5 - Controlled Immersion

Learn to Read Japanese Hiragana in Two Hours

Welcome to 2 Hour Hiragana.

This series of videos will teach you to read the Japanese Hiragana Alphabet in just a couple hours. Some people find Hiragana intimidating, but if you approach learning to read the the right way, it can actually be quite simple (and dare I say fun?).

Start with the first video below, and you will see just how easy learning to read Hiragana can be.

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Modern Methods For Mastering Japanese

Japanese Mastery Method members talk about their impression of the course.

“The Best And Most Valuable”

I’ve taken many Japanese courses and this one for sure was the best and most valuable.

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Brian H. Sheffield, UK

“Thanks for this wonderful experience!”

I’m so so pleased at what has been possible in such a short period of time.

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Ziad El-Hady UK

“I Would Recommend To Anyone”

Japanese Mastery Method has started to give me a basic grounding in just a few weeks.

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Mark Maurice-Smith Solihull, UK

“Very Effective!”

I just completed the lessons in the course. It was very effective, and I enjoyed it very much.

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McKenzie Burns USA
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